Grace with K-litter.

Zerberus & Eva

Troy in action!

Black Jack- Barbara Otoničar-Slovenia

Leonardo- Erika Zupanc- Slovenia

Flo-Jo - David Buić-Croatia

Black Jack- Eve Eevokki- Finska

Flo, Janis and Slavi- BARCELONA 2004.

dane picnic april 08

Gil and Ghalina

Destiny, Zerberus in Zsa-Zsa- judge Pedro Bispo- Portugal

Jack with friend Milo Mowie Star.

G litter- 1 day old.

TV shom with JACK.

Jack and TV acter Davor.

Walk on Marjan- Split.

Success on Club show Austria.

Antonella with our danes.

Lara with puppies.

Jack with Friend Lara.

Two babys on picnic.

Father and doughter.

Dane picnic sept.2007.

Dr.D with his new Friend PAULINE.

My doughter Nika with puppys.

Flo- year winner 2004 SKVPM.

We are on show.

Than we sleep in living room.

We play all together!

We are never closed !

How we eat...

Foto: Dare Čekeliš

Leonardo jump! Foto:Dare Čekeliš

B litter- 3 month old


Nacho AND Uncas

Our Ladies...

Tristan- 11 month

Tasha- 11 month



Litter B 4 weeks old.

Be-Bob and Bella Donna

Great dane picnic.

Lucille and Larisa

ZZTop ( Zigy)

Aribana & Janis Joplin

Aribana- 14 month

Janis Joplin

Ozzie- 15 month

Uncas- 8 month

A litter- 1 month old

Era & Dona

Era & Dona ( Joan Collins)

Nacho & Nagoya

Liberty & Nacho & Nagoya

T Litter

Sleeping with "mama"

My Lady's

Leo & Troy

Mona Lisa & Black Jack

EuDDC Winner 2004



Nacho JBIS Tulln


Black Jack

Leonardo- 2 year's old.

father and son